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Garnishment Decision Could Expose Banks & Employers to Significant Liability

By Lucas D. Bradley, Bouhan Falligant Special to Savannah Morning News A September 8, 2015, judgment from the District Court for the Northern District of Georgia may have profound implications for employers, financial institutions, or anyone else attempting to collect on a debt or judgment in Georgia. Judge Shoob, writing for the Court in Strickland […]

The Resurgence of the 1031 Tax Exchange

By J. Daniel Falligant Special to SavannahCEO A 1031 tax exchange — also known as a like-kind or Starker exchange — is essentially a swap of one investment asset for another with either no tax or limited tax due at the time of the exchange. The gain on a real estate sale in 1031 is […]

Subcontractors and Suppliers Should Exercise Their Lien Rights to Ensure Payment on a Construction Project

By Margaret W. S. Puccini, Bouhan Falligant Special to Savannah Morning News During the real estate recession and even now, many subcontractors and suppliers have learned what happens when a general contractor shuts the doors, goes bankrupt, or uses an owner’s funds for something other than payment to the subcontractors and suppliers who worked on […]

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