The New Guard 2018

Meet the 2018 New Guard, the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators who dream and dare to make our city better, day by day. Read the original article here.

Savannah attorney to receive Catholic award

Savannah attorney Rob Brannen will receive the Catholic Lawyer’s Guild annual St.

Thomas More Award on Wednesday following the 10th annual Red Mass in St. Mary’s Chapel at the Pastoral Center.

Georgia courts limit landlord liability

Recent decisions in Georgia’s appellate courts have reiterated that landlords may be able to rely on the language in their leases to protect them from frivolous lawsuits.

New law strengthens power of attorney rules

If you were suddenly unable to speak or write for the next few weeks or even months, what would your financial situation look like? Have you designated someone to manage your affairs if you become incapacitated from a stroke, accident or other long-term illness? Click here to read original article.

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