Bouhan Falligant Attorney Benjamin Karpf Discusses Laws and Policies for Today’s Online World

Benjamin Karpf, an attorney at Bouhan Falligant with expertise in intellectual property issues and technology matters, addressed Buy Local Savannah businesses at The Pirates’ House on Thursday, June 27, 2013.

Buy Local Savannah is an organization dedicated to supporting locally owned, independent businesses in Savannah. Karpf talked about recent developments in legal matters related to copyright law, the Internet, mobile devices, social media and related technology.

“Laws that have existed in the offline world for a long time, such as copyright infringement, defamation, trademark violations, still apply online,” Karpf said. “Because there are few, if any, laws directed exclusively at social media, online service providers have developed internal policies to address potential legal disputes that arise in the social media context.”

Karpf referenced recent events in which the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials and trademark infringement forced businesses to take down online material. He explained those instances could significantly hurt small businesses relying upon online traffic to their web or social media pages.

Karpf gave an overview of the Federal Trade Commission’s new guidelines that cover advertising online through social media. And he pointed out the laws that apply to endorsements in traditional advertising also extend to the online world. For instance, a blogger who receives a complimentary product must make a clear and conspicuous disclosure in any online discussion or review of the product.

Considered one of Georgia’s “Legal Elite” in the field of intellectual property law, Karpf is experienced in technology and media matters.

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