Savannah Morning News Covers Newlead Castellano Story

The crew of the Newlead Castellano, a cargo ship that’s been a fixture on the horizon off the coast of Tybee for nearly four months, can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel

The vessel, in port in April to offload a shipment of raw sugar, was seized by U.S. marshals and forced to remain at anchor off the coast until a dispute between the ship’s owners and creditors could be resolved.

That finally happened earlier this week when the ship was sold at auction in Savannah for $7.4 million.

Once the sale is finalized at a court hearing Monday, the seamen — 13 Filipinos, a Greek, and a Romanian — should be no more than a week or so away from home, according to Bouhan Falligant attorney Todd Baiad, who represents the vessel’s creditors in the foreclosure.

“Once the new owners are able to bring in a replacement crew, the current crew will be relieved and flown back to their respective countries,” he said, adding that the creditors have been taking care of the needs of both the vessel and its crew since its seizure.

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